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Landfill site

All of the waste collected by Potters Waste Management that is not recycled, composted or reused, goes to landfill. Landfilling of waste is much more complicated than burying waste in the ground. It is the placement of waste in a carefully engineered containment facility.

There is one operational landfill site in Central Wales - at Bryn Posteg near Llanidloes. This landfill is operated by Potters Waste Management and is monitored by Natural Resources Wales.

Bryn Posteg had the first full-scale leachate treatment plant to be constructed in the UK. The landfill is a fully engineered site on the site of a former lead mine, at an altitude of nearly 400m AOD, where very high rainfall rates make leachate management an important issue.

A second landfill site operates in South Wales at Withyhedge near Haverfordwest.